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The BushCub SP/XP are completely new aircraft manufactured using state-of-the-art technology in a modern manufacturing plant.  Skilled technicians hand-build each BushCub to exacting industry standards, so that your flying experience  is not impeded with worries about the plane.  BushCub SP's are offered in completely-built, ready to fly Certified Special Light Sport Aircraft, partially built Experimental LSA kits and Experimental kit form.

We start off with a new, 4130 Chromoly Supercub-based fuselage, assembled in our own accurately rigid tooling.  It's a wider (30") and stronger fuse than the original J3 Cub, and allows us to increase the gross weights for our BushCub SP model to 1320 lbs., the Light Sport Aircraft/Sport Pilot maximum without floats.   All Chromoly parts are powder coated for maximum protection from corrosion. We assemble the fuse with aircraft-grade hardware and materials, and check, test and re-check all systems.  Longerons are oiled and sealed to resist corrosion.  Extensive use of composites in some non-structural areas keeps weight down.



Production models will utilize the all new LSA ATSM approved 115+ h.p. Lycoming O-233, a completely new engine built by Lycoming Textron.  Utilizing a lightweight electric starter, fuel injection, light-weight alternator and other weight saving measures.  A 2400 hr TBO will give this engine the highest in the industry! 

The BushCub XP can handle engines of 180hp+ for truly amazing performance!




Sportsman Wing Panel

The clipped (33.5" span) wings are all-aluminum structure with PolyFiber covering.    Vortex Generators are applied to lower stall speeds for safer landings.




The all new Lycoming O-233 will be the featured engine in the BushCub




Tail feather are balanced PA-18 style for lighter control input forces.

A BRS 1350 Softack parachute system will be available as an option, adding a margin of safety that is representative of the spirit of E-LSA aircraft.

Solo flight is accomplished from the front seat, where visibility is better.

Hydraulic brakes, front and rear seats, are standard. 

Covering is done in the PolyFiber process, applied per FAR specifications.  The aircraft is painted with the PolyFiber polyurethane system, so the finish will still look great after years of service. 

Aircraft and systems are covered by a 1 year warranty against manufactures defects.