Bushwhacker Aircraft Company, LLC offers high quality  Light Sport Aircraft, Light  Sport and Experimental Kits, PA-18 Super Cub Experimental parts, and HKS Engines.  The  BushCub Sportsman will be powered by the Lycoming O-235/IO-233, offering the most power in its class.  Precision-cut Fuselage Tubing Kits are now available for those who want to weld their own fuselage, without the labor intensive coping and grinding.  We also offer the BushCub XP - a "1-Ton" Cub Variant, in an Experimental Kit.  Fully Welded Fuselages now available in both models.

Bushwhacker Aircraft Company, LLC is the chance coming together of 2 airplane enthusiast - Charles Connally and Chris Hatin.   What began in 2003 as a Taylorcraft restoration (Taylorcraft Classics) partnership between Charley and Chris, it has now grown into a manufacturing, importing and full service Aviation Center. 

Chris Hatin began his interest in aviation at the early age of 6, building balsa gliders.  He spent the next 15 years exploring radio control, and designed, built and flew many r/c aircraft. In 1988, he opened a hobby shop business, which he sold to allow him to pursue a degree in Criminal Justice.  His love for airplanes never waivered, which led him to Ultralight flying.  Chris had spent 13 years in the motorcycle/atv/snowmobile business, where he developed his background in small engine servicing, and has conducted several seminars on 2-cycle engine operation and maintenance. He has constructed a Bakeng Duce and Legal Eagle Ultralight, and designed the Jacana, a single seat VW powered high-wing monoplane, and is the creator of the “Bushwhacker” series aircraft.  Chris purchased a ’46 Taylorcraft BC12-D which he partially restored and he logged 100 hours on.  His second purchase was a ’46 Clipped Wing Cub, in which he logged another 100 hours, and also received aerobatic training in.  He is an accomplished machinist, woodworker, gunsmith and knife maker, and his knives and guns have been sold worldwide.  When he’s not working on airplanes, he serves as an Investigator for the Warren County Sheriff’s Office in upstate, New York. 

Charley Connally, a Native Texan, served as a Coast Guard Warrant Officer and attended jet engine (J-79's), reciprocating engine (P&W R-2750's), mechanical fundamentals and sheet metal, Sikorsky Helicopter, and Bell T-58 jet engine schools.  He has flown search and rescue missions in the HU16E Albatross and HH52A Helicopter. His first airplane was a 1946 Aeronca Chief 11AC, which he completely restored.  He then purchased a second 40 model and restored it, too.  In 2000, he purchased a PZL-101 Garwon and was assisted by Chris with this 3 year restoration project.  The two then flew the PZL from New York to Texas, covering 2100 miles in 3 days.  During that flight, they discussed the possibility of buying and restoring old Taylorcrafts, and with that planted the seed for “Taylorcraft Classics” 

Charley is an avid sailor also, and spent 12 years with his wife and young son covering 30,000 miles around the Gulf of Mexico, Eastern Seaboard, Bahamas, Puerto Rico and all the islands of the Caribbean in a 27 foot sloop he built.  He started Connally Yacht Service in 1989 in Puerto Rico and has restored 18 yachts over the past 20 years.  Charley holds Masters Degree in Psychology and Education.

So there you have it.  An old aviator in the sailing business in Puerto Rico making a transition back to aviation and aircraft restoration in Texas, teaming up with a policeman/gunsmith/knife maker, airplane restorer and pilot.  Put these guys together and you have www.bushwhackerair.com.  We’re just plane nuts, and we just want to go flying.   


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